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A Dieter’s Dream


It’s important for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle complete with exercise, plenty of rest and a healthy diet. But it’s challenging when it comes to desserts!

I try to eat very little sugar since I’m so addicted to it. That often means either going without dessert or caving in to the enticing lure of sugary treats!

Today I created a Chantilly Cream without any sugar or cream. My recipe tastes great with a hint of vanilla and a thick, light texture. Mine uses cottage cheese, vanilla yogurt, Splenda and good-quality vanilla.

My sister made a Peach-Rhubarb Crisp for our Dad on Father’s Day so I am going to serve it with that as well in my Strawberries and Cream concoction for Dad!

Click here for the recipe!


Risk-free blueberry muffins


“Really good.”

– Ram Swaroop, my dad’s assessment of the muffins

These muffins are inspired by my Dad. His dietary restrictions include no sugar and no salt but he enjoys baked good so I tried to give him a taste of muffins without any of the risk!

Dad enjoyed the taste and I feel great giving him something he likes. At last a Father’s Day gift that he won’t want to return!!

For the recipe, click here.

All chocolate, no sugar

These cookies taste so sweet you'll be stunned they are sugar-free.


– Shalini Dore, senior editor at Variety

It was a cold and rainy day. A perfect day to stay home and bake some chocolate chip cookies. Only these are the sugar-free variety so I could have all the sweet taste without the harm of sugar since I am fairly addicted to the stuff. There is Splenda is in it but that’s all.

These are easy, quick and chockful of the sensuous flavor of chocolate … you’ll fool everyone. The secret is the applesauce it it.

Want to try for yourself, click here for the recipe.