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All chocolate, no sugar

These cookies taste so sweet you'll be stunned they are sugar-free.


– Shalini Dore, senior editor at Variety

It was a cold and rainy day. A perfect day to stay home and bake some chocolate chip cookies. Only these are the sugar-free variety so I could have all the sweet taste without the harm of sugar since I am fairly addicted to the stuff. There is Splenda is in it but that’s all.

These are easy, quick and chockful of the sensuous flavor of chocolate … you’ll fool everyone. The secret is the applesauce it it.

Want to try for yourself, click here for the recipe.


The perfect nibble

These are the Dark Chocolate Cookies with Hazelnut Filling that I made for my Christmas cookie baskets. A low-calorie option for my health-conscious friends.

“They’re beautiful and delicious. I’m going to enjoy having one each afternoon – the perfect nibble.”

Anne Colby, copy editor on the features desk at the Los Angeles Times

I was doing my holiday baking and I wanted a cookie that my health-conscious friends would enjoy. This cookie was the very thing. I made a batch precisely as the recipe instructed. Then, I thought that this would be the perfect cookie to go the no-sugar, non-dairy route.

So I substituted Earth Balance butter substitute for the butter and used a non-dairy, no sugar hazelnut filling instead of Nutella.

The white chocolate drizzle does have sugar in it, though.

One of my friends, who is allergic to dairy, praised the cookies highly by saying it was unusually moist for a non-dairy cookie. I guess most of the vegan options he has tried are much drier than this luscious cookie. He even suggested that I start selling this tasty new option!!

Want to make them yourself? Click here.

Spicy & Sweet

These snickerdoodles came out light, spicy and creamy. One person described them as a spicy donut hole, rather than crisp cookie.

“Some cookies seem hard and dry. This were light and delightful.”

Rachel Dunn, foreign desk copy editor at the Los Angeles Times

I wanted to try a spicy cookie for the holidays so I tried out Nigella Lawson’s recipe for snickerdoodles. They are a light, creamy, spicy cookie rolled in cinnamon sugar immediately after cooling.

They were so easy to make and I especially liked the freshly grated nutmeg and oodles of cinnamon in these. And if you are a chocaholic you can replace some of the flour with cocoa to satisfy your chocolate habit.

I wanted a cookie that I could ship for a holiday gift. These were bounced all over the nation and made it to their recipients in their original tasty form. Hurray!

Want the recipe? Click here