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The Edison

108 W. 2nd Street, #101, Los Angeles, California 90012, (213) 613-0000
Hours:5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Wednesday through Friday; 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday

A dirty martini at The Edison during the SND-LA event in November.

This place is special. The crowd is great, the music upbeat, the drinks great, the bartenders – no the mixologists – very prompt and smart, the decor classy and visually stimulating … and the food is very tasty. Our group was quite large and the waitress disappeared at times but on the whole service was good.

It’s pretty great so get here early to avoid the lines. They will make you wait if you aren’t on the list so make a reservation for your group before you get so you can waltz on in. The crowd was very interesting: good-looking, and definitely fun to look at. There were people dressed in vintage clothes (ladies in flapper dresses and guys dressed oh-so-posh and looking fresh). It was a nice, refreshingly classy change from the tiresome club scene. Please stick to the dress code. Better yet, dress to the theme. Not because it’s strict, but because it’s fun. That’s right: it’s FUN to be part of the good-looking-and-classy crowd. If you do dress the part it will be a magical and decadent night for you.

The ultra-lounge is in the old Edison Power Plant building. The decorators sought to blend the past, present and future in the best way possible. The designers were inspired by the old-time romance of such iconic night spots like Cocoanut Grove and Ciro’s but keeping the L.A. vibe totally intact. The lounge is located in the sub-basement of the historic Higgins Building. The original building which housed the power plant was built in 1910 and the lounge keeps some of the artifacts and cool brick interiors of the original building giving it a cool, nostalgic historical flavor.

Phenomenal lighting: great details in the fixtures which set a beautiful, entrancing mood. I love the textures: brick, wood, old painted metal. There are so many engaging details about The Edison, I could easily spend a month here soaking them in. Everything about the design and decorating was pitch perfect.

Once you get through the line to get inside the lobby you will be greeted with this lovely sign on burnished copper before you head down into the bar.

The lighting and the 40s-era decor are intoxicating and greet you upon arrival. This chandelier hangs above the stairs as you walk down to the lounge area.

These lights hang from the lobby in the middle of the winding staircase down to the main bar area.

I was entranced by the wacky silent films. I watched them and riffed off them with a friend for an hour. It was highly entertaining.


They keep up the flavor by offering a special Prohibition-style cocktail for 35 cents if you show up before 9 and there are $5 happy-hour deals on their delicious food so get here early to enjoy everything The Edison offers. Which is an extensive bar with bartenders/mixologists to get you any drink you desire – even if you just made it up.

A well-stocked bar!


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