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Crawfish King

725 S. Lane St., Seattle, Washington 98104 | (206) 623-3622
Hours: Weekdays 2:30pm-10pm; Weekends 12pm-10pm

A shot of the dungeness crab with corn on the cob in the spicy ragin' Cajun spice blend. It was delcious, sweet and tender!

On my first night in Seattle on a recent weekend trip there my friend, Marian, took me to Crawfish King in the International District of Seattle.  The place is advertised as a Vietnamese Cajun place by way of Houston.

Kind of quirky but would it be good? Um, yes.

The restaurant was heavily festooned like a deck.  Pier struts in the middle of the restaurant, sand, fishing nets and even a diver suspended from the ceiling.  With both baseball and football on the prominent televisions we settled in and breathed in the delicious seafood scents emanating from the kitchen

We decided to go for the lobster and the shrimp. But the first was sold out and the second was frozen. So we settled on fresh dungeness crab and corn with the rajun Cajun spice boil.  And an order of cajun fries.

We didn’t have to wait long for the food.  The lobster arrived in a plastic bag that our server cut open onto the table, and the rust-colored spicy sauce spilled out on the butcher-paper covered table.  It was almost visceral.  The heads and tails were still attached, I pulled off my rings like I was spoilin’ for a fight and commenced to cleaning.

The crab was sweet, juicy, tender and cooked perfectly.  The plump corncobs were drenched in the spicy goodness of the sauce as we plucked off the legs of the crab and dipped it into that good sauce. When we got to the body of the crab we weren’t sure how to crack it open so we asked our waitress who quickly and deftly tossed the portion that were inedible into the waiting bucket and exposed the areas of sweet, delicious meet that we dug into.

The just-made fries were crispy and salty on the outside and tender on the inside. And the sauce that came with the lobster made a perfect dipping sauce for the fries.

And the best part: when it came time to pay it was onlyu $35 for a dungeness-crab-with-two-sides dinner for two people. Incredible!!

If you are ever in Seattle this place is definitely one to try.


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