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Tasty tart, souffle & galette


I started off the day with a bang with a cooking class at Sur La Table in South Coast Plaza on Fresh French Fruit Dessert. My sister, Suki, and I were part of a 12-person class taught by Chef Katie Torres and her trio of assistants.

We made a Plum and Raspberry Tart, above. Chef Katie showed us how to place the fruit in the tart and then pour the cream in in top of it before cooking. Way easier than the way I’ve always done!

Next, we learned how to make Apricot and Blueberry Galette. We started off making the Sweet Pie or Tart Dough. I learned that you don’t want to overmix dough in a food processor which I had been doing. The result was a much more tasty crust than I had ever made.


And then we learned how to make Lemon Souffle with Strawberry Sauce, below. I was tasked with separating egg whites from the egg yolks with a Sur La Table egg separator which leached the yolks into the whites ruining the whole batch.

Tip: A fancy Sur La Table cooking tool isn’t necessary or even productive in some cases. When we went back to doing it the old-fashioned way it worked!


The desserts were all delicious. Especially with a steaming cup of cappuccino.



Risk-free blueberry muffins


“Really good.”

– Ram Swaroop, my dad’s assessment of the muffins

These muffins are inspired by my Dad. His dietary restrictions include no sugar and no salt but he enjoys baked good so I tried to give him a taste of muffins without any of the risk!

Dad enjoyed the taste and I feel great giving him something he likes. At last a Father’s Day gift that he won’t want to return!!

For the recipe, click here.