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Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge

601 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, Washington 98109 | (206) 432-9069

When I was at the New Orleans-inspired eatery on Sunday, Oct. 16 I chose this Eggs Benedict with fresh dungeness crab. Delicious and decadent!

 On my last morning in Seattle last weekend, my friend and hostess Marian Liu decided to take me to Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge in the charming lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle.

It is reminiscent of a classic New Orleans eatery complete with classic beignet dusted in powdered sugar and accompanied by a chocolatey, coffee-flavored dipping sauce.

We met another friend from the newspaper, Sanjay Bhatt, who saved us a table. Good thing, too, because by the time we sat down and ordered there was a line past the restaurant to get in for their Sunday brunch. I decided to order the eggs benedict with dungeness crab instead of the usual ham.

Since Seattle is a port town I have always been pleased with the quality of their seafood … this time was no exception. The velvetty texture of their hollandaise sauce paired with the freshness of the crab and the eggs that were cooked to perfection were a culinary delight.  The English muffin on the bottom was a little soggy. The dish would’ve reached perfection had the English muffin been crispy, too.

The dish were paired with excellent diced potatoes that were both crispy and tender on the inside.

An incredible topper to what was an amazing food weekend.

New Orleans-style beignets and coffee dipping sauce.


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