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Needle and Thread

1406 12th Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98122-3906 | (206) 322-9734

A couple of drinks to get us started. The one in the foreground is one the bartender made for me. It included rum, strawberry syrup and the kick of a spicy habanero chile. Delicious.

We decided to go out on Saturday night and landed at Needle and Thread in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. This spot has been named one of GQ’s Top 25 bars in the United States.

The Needle and Thread is a cool, hidden speakeasy on the second floor of Tavern Law that you can only get access to by calling the secret phone number and making a reservation.

My friend, Marian, of course, had the number. And she gave it to me so I could make the reservation for four: Marian, Tan, Julie and me for 11 p.m.

Once we got to the bar we walked across the crowded floor to a something that looked like a vault door with a white phone next to it. Marian picked up the phone to call upstairs telling them that we had a reservation then the magic door swung open and we walked up a winding staircase to the speakeasy upstairs.

We were seated in some plush velvet, high-backed chairs in the corner. Cozy enough to chat but still a part of the larger scene upstairs. There were four water glasses already on the table while waited for our bartender to come over and take our order.

We all told her what type of tastes we had. I wanted something fruity, spicy and strong with rum. She brought me back the drink above that had a habenero chile’s kick and the soothing sweetness of strawberry along with the requisite rum. It was delicious.

It was a tasty, decadent good time!

Marian's last drink at Thread and Needle. It had an egg-white topping with cute little red hearts all over it. It was a tasty delight, too!


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